Social Online Media Services

What We Do
Our primary objectives are to build your online marketing program incrementally to control costs, integrate all the elements for the most powerful effect and greatest results and accomplish this with zero extra work on your part.

Strategy & Planning - Developing a custom approach for your business to leverage the new online social media and mobile marketing platforms

Social Media marketing programs - for engaging with prospects and customers on their turf, building your tribe of followers and establishing social authority for you and your business

Online Video marketing programs – for increasing visibility and traffic, ongoing communication with your customers and social authority building Local Directory marketing programs for getting your business locations found more successfully and increasing traffic and sales

Mobile marketing programs - for getting your business found through mobile devices and for following up powerfully with prospects and customers through their mobile devices

Automated Follow Up systems and campaigns – for maximizing sales, keeping prospects and customers engaged and turning them into raving fans by following up through email, mobile text and voicemail

Lead Capture systems and campaigns - for leveraging social media, online video, mobile marketing to drive traffic and capture leads for automated follow-up campaigns

Content Creation strategies, systems and methods – we plan and create articles, videos, tweets, social media posts, site pages, follow-up emails, text messages andeven voicemails for your business to fuel your ongoing program

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